“I want to thank you for being such wonderful teachers and caregivers to RJ all these years. I couldn’t imagine a better environment for her to learn and grow. She has gained so much wisdom from each of you and has a lot of love in her heart for you all.

We will truly miss you. You have been a family to us. I know that RJ will think of you and long for you during this transition to a new city. I can only hope her new school will provide a fraction of love and care you have poured out to us.”

We want to thank you for all the love and support you have given our family over the last couple of years. We really appreciate all you do!

“We wanted to express our thanks to you these past 2 years as we’ve received so much love and support through your financial assistance… Once again, thank you for your generosity over these years – we’re really glad that our daughter is able to be at MetroKids with all of you, the teachers, and the kids!!”

“Thank you for all the sweetness you have given to our son. We appreciate all that you have done for Thomas. He has had a great time and learned a lot. Thanks for all the positive influence and love you have provided for our family.”

“Thank you so much for loving and taking care of our sons over the past 4 years. We will miss you!”