Our Classrooms


Little Lambs (infants): 6 weeks-16 months

The Little Lambs classroom is a safe and warm environment where your baby learns and grows every day. MetroKids teachers help even the youngest babies reach for their next milestone through a variety of activities. Your child will have opportunities for gross motor development, fine motor skills, cognitive development, and language expansion (including sign language). There is always interaction between teachers and your child—talking, singing, and funny faces. Your baby learns about his or her world through the senses—smelling, tasting, touching, hearing, and seeing. Your baby will reach and stretch…play games…sing…hear stories…and much more.

All infants will have fun in small group time as the teacher uses songs with actions, rhymes, and stories to teach a topic or theme. Little Lambs are ready to transition to the Leap Frogs (toddlers) by 16 months. By this time, your child has gained comfort and experience in sitting at a table and chair for meals and using utensils. At every stage, teachers engage the children in age-appropriate social skills.


5 days – $330/week

4 days – $305/week

3 days – $270/week

2 days – $215/week


Leap Frogs (Toddlers): 17 months- 33 months

Your child is now walking and learning to talk! The Leap Frog classroom is an active room where your child has the opportunity to participate in group time learning about exciting themes, listening to and looking at books, playing music, and exploring movement. Gross motor skills are growing stronger as your child spends time walking, running, biking, and climbing. Fine motor skills are developed through projects with markers, toddler scissors, glue, and paint.

Teachers focus on skills that help guide your child toward preschool readiness. Each day your child learns how to share, play, and communicate with teachers and classmates. Leap Frogs transition to preschool (Busy Bears and Rockin’ Robins) when they are 33 months.


5 days – $280/week

4 days – $260/week

3 days – $215/week

2 days – $170/week


Busy bears & Rockin’ Robins: 33 Months - pre-kindergarten

Busy Bears and Rockin’ Robins are mixed-age preschool classrooms that give your child the knowledge and tools needed to prepare for school. The foundation for school readiness is provided through hands-on learning experiences, group times, independent play, and teacher-directed activities. Learning how to share, take turns, raise hands, listen, and walk in line are just as important to school readiness as ABCs and 123s. The teachers challenge your child to learn by asking questions—and learn how to investigate to find his or her own answers.

Preschoolers are becoming independent. They are learning to take care of their personal bathroom needs, putting on their own clothes, cleaning up after themselves, and becoming great verbal communicators.

The classroom contains a peace table, a place your child can ask to take a classmate to resolve a conflict using “I” language while expressing feelings and learning to listen while a classmate expresses his/her feelings. This is an important skill not only for school but also for life.


5 days – $260/week

4 days – $240/week

3 days – $200/week

2 days – $155/week